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Growing Our Businesses Through Collaboration

As our industry shifts to true convergence, women are uniquely positioned to use our collaborative instincts to discover and implement the new changes. By setting aside old paradigms of “either win or lose” WiC members can instead leverage our relationships, knowledge and connections to grow our businesses. Taking a leadership role in pioneering these solutions will help women advance their own businesses or be recognized for advancement within the corporate structure.

Support Each Other as Women

Women are juggling work and home duties more than ever. Many WiC members are the main breadwinner in their families; many are single mothers; others are taking care of elderly parents. We are excellent multitaskers and nurturers. But, in the everyday juggle, we can lose sight of our own needs and opportunities. We can habitually put ourselves last on the priority list. By supporting each other as women, we can change this. Learning to create balance in our lives helps boost energy to be the women we were meant to be in our life roles.


Discover new business opportunities and form new partnerships through collaboration with channel leaders.


Support each other as women in learning to create balance in our lives and achieve our best.


Join our Mentoring Programs to boost your career. A recent study showed mentorship program increased participants’ likelihood of being promoted by more than 5x!


Help us form relationships with other organizations, IT/telecom associations and enterprises. Become an educator for young women on the opportunities of working in telecom/IT.

Lipstick Award

Women in the Channel honors exceptional business and professional women. Now accepting nominations for the next LIPSTICK Award recipient!


Attend our bi-annual events and chapter meetups. Members get free invitations to our Channel Partners and Cloud Partners events.

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