Membership Benefits

Enjoy the Benefits of Being a Member of the Fastest Growing Group in the Telecom and IT Channel.

Monthly Informative Conference Calls and Newsletters

We hold conference calls and send newsletters exclusively for members. These are great ways to keep connected, stay involved, and get the latest news and tips in the industry.

Collaboration Opportunities

As a WiC member, you will be able to interact with a large group of women from all levels of management. Here are just a few ways you can get involved:

Activity Description
Receive a warm welcome through our Angel Advisory Program. As a new member, you will be assigned an Angel Advisor who’ll ensure you have access to all the resources and benefits the organization has to offer.
Take advantage of mentoring opportunities. For those interested in being mentored, this is a great way to expand your personal and professional growth. For mentors, this is a small time commitment that can make a big impact— Mentoring is a great way to give back and form lasting friendships.
Join a committee. Offer your expertise or learn a new skill set.
Start a new committee. Have a new idea to promote WiC? We’d like to hear it!
Become a leader. By maintaining a unique rotational program, we have plenty of leadership opportunities on our committees, and we welcome pro-action!
Establish a local chapter. As WiC members are geographically dispersed, we encourage establishing local chapters. Local chapters can especially benefit members who work at home or in the field; it’s nice to meet people face to face, and you never know what opportunities will arise.

Advertising, Promotions and Branding Opportunities

WiC is built to help our members succeed. We select a “Women of the Quarter,” whose profile is featured in our newsletter, on our website, and often at speaking engagements. WiC members are also given the opportunity to blog, which can be a great vehicle for leading and participating in business discussions, increasing visibility of your brand, and/or receiving advice from other members.

Looking for a career move or searching to hire? WiC spreads the word regarding new career opportunities within the community. Joining WiC is a great way to connect and expand your professional network.

Training and Education

We are happy to say that we already have a collection of industry experts. As a WiC member, you’ll be invited to listen to guest speakers and attend the latest industry conferences and events— such as the Invitation to Women in the Channel events at Channel Partner Shows. We generate sponsorship attendance and pass on discounts whenever we can!

Don’t miss the chance to collaborate with a fun group of women!

  • Channel Partners has been a supporter of Women in the Channel since it was just a great idea. Our small contribution was to give it a forum at our events and to help a group of tremendously talented and motivated women bring their idea to life. We would recommend that you join us in supporting its growth through sponsorship or membership. Whether you are in channel sales, support, management or leadership, you will benefit either personally or professionally (or both) from this association.
    Khali HendersonEditor in Chief, Channel Partners
  • This mentoring program has been a guiding light in both my personal and professional life. My mentor created an open forum in which we could both talk about our experiences freely. This fostered almost immediate growth. I got the affirmation I needed, but also learned valuable lessons that came from my mentor's expertise. Entering into this program has been one of the best choices I have made in my professional career and I highly recommend it.
    Lauren Sander, Legacy SolutionsParticipant in the first WIC mentoring round